Personal Assistant to Trustee

Location: Head office location at Kumara Krupa Road, Bengaluru – 560001. The location is available in google maps by typing Animal Rights Fund.,

Gender Preference: Male/Female candidate based in Bengaluru within 10 Kms from office.

Required Skills:

Should be Vegan. Should have upmost passion to serve the animals. It is crucial for the smooth operation and success of the organization.

Must possess at least a two-wheeler. For traveling and meeting new leads.

Excellent in English communication with good work knowledge in MS word, Excel and PPT along with “capable of independent research, including internet sources”.

Role and Responsibilities:

The quality of a Personal Assistant (PA) to a Trustee in an animal rights fund is crucial for the smooth operation and success of the organization. Here are some key qualities and responsibilities that a PA in this role should ideally possess:

Organizational Skills:

The PA should have excellent organizational skills to manage the Trustee’s schedule, coordinate meetings, and handle administrative tasks efficiently.

Communication Skills:

Strong communication skills are essential for effective interaction with the Trustee, other staff members, and external stakeholders. This includes written and verbal communication.

Problem-Solving Ability:

The ability to anticipate potential issues and proactively address challenges is important. The PA should be a problem solver and handle unexpected situations with poise.

Discretion and Confidentially:

Given the nature of the work in an animal rights fund, the PA must maintain a high level of discretion and handle confidential information with care.


The PA should be adaptable to changes in the Trustee’s schedule or priorities. Flexibility and the ability to handle a dynamic work environment are valuable traits.

Knowledge of Animal Rights Issues:

While not mandatory, having a basic understanding of animal rights issues can be beneficial. It allows the PA to better support the Trustee in tasks related to the fund’s mission.

Tech Savvy:

Proficiency in relevant software and tools for scheduling, communication, and document management is essential. This includes email, calendar applications, and project management tools.


Being resourceful in gathering information, coordinating logistics, and finding solutions to challenges is an asset for a PA in this role.

Team Player:

The PA should work well within a team, collaborating with other staff members to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization.

It’s important for the PA to align with the values and goals of the animal rights fund, as their role directly contributes to the overall success of the organization in advocating for and protecting animal welfare. Additionally, ongoing communication and feedback with the Trustee can help ensure that the PA is meeting expectations and adapting to the evolving needs of the role.

Ensure timely maintenance of reports and feedback on status arising out of received leads daily, preferably in writing by SMS or Whatsapp.

Reporting to: Dilip Bafna. Trustee.

Salary and Perks: Salary offering is Rs. 16,000/- to Rs. 25,000/-. Perks will be Conveyance, SIM Card, Insurance, PF, and Incentives.

How to Apply: Online, Call and come to the office between 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday to Saturday. Neeta (our front office) +91-96867 49766.

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Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Bangalore

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