Career at Animal Rights Fund

Just as an organization needs the right talent to drive its business objectives, people need the right environment to grow and achieve their career goals. The moment you step into ARF, you would be greeted with that unmistakable feeling of being at the right place. Along with that, working with ARF affords you with a sense of certainty of a successful career that would be driven by boundless growth opportunities and learning possibilities.

       History of our Organisation

Animal Rights Fund organization was set up in 1999 to collect funds to support other animal welfare organizations. Over time, our involvement spread to include myriad activities relating to ensuring rights of animals. ARF has been fighting legal battles for animals. In our first case we got a ban order for five animals in circus from the Supreme Court. High court of Karnataka has given out the order of prohibition of camels in Karnataka. Apart from these we have also won in 4 dog cases in High Court of Karnataka. We also promote veganism, fight legal battles for animal causes.