Animal Rights Fund (ARF)is a registered charitable NGO working towards developing a humane and civilized society where man, animals and other living beings coexist peacefully.

       The ARF Vision

• To promote veganism, thereby working towards an ideal, crime-free society.
• To fight legal battles for animal causes.

ARF offers assistance & facilitates individuals, groups and organizations, working in partnership to foster Animal Rights spirit and well-being of all creatures.
CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP: We also welcome sponsorships from organizations which would like to make a positive change in their environment.

Organization Reg. No: IV 11/99-2000
IT Exemption No. DIT(E)/80G(R)/102/AAATA5256A/X-439/2011-12 Date: 20/06/2011

       History of our Organisation

Animal Rights Fund organization was set up in 1999 to collect funds to support other animal welfare organizations. Over time, our involvement spread to include myriad activities relating to ensuring rights of animals. ARF has been fighting legal battles for animals. In our first case we got a ban order for five animals in circus from the Supreme Court. High court of Karnataka has given out the order of prohibition of camels in Karnataka. Apart from these we have also won in 4 dog cases in High Court of Karnataka. We also promote veganism, fight legal battles for animal causes.

       Motivated by the incident to start ARF

This incident happened much before I (Dilip Bafna) started ARF. Twenty seven years back (1982), one bright morning while reading my newspaper I heard a crow’s cry, initially I didn’t notice but later when the cry got louder I threw my newspaper and peeped out to see a crow crying in vain to free itself. It was entangled in a thread (coated with glass powder - manja) of a kite on a coconut tree. I immediately ran out to find a person who could climb the coconut tree, offered him money to help me free the bird but he just refused, saying he was very busy. My sister had an idea—she called an Animal welfare NGO (Cartman) and they came after some time and rescued the crow. The joy of seeing the bird free triggered me to start working for animals and birds. This is how my journey for Animal Rights started.

      Thoughts of ARF

Demand and supply are the key factors. Everything moves by the market impulse. According to us, the shelter concept is not a solution for animals, as we don’t believe in shelters. We are against shelters for cows (gow-shala)—in that case we can open pig-shale, goat-shale, chicken-shale, etc. The only solution is to open the eyes of people to the ‘Horrors of slaughter houses’ that is why we are also conducting Awareness programs to stop consuming dairy and using leather.

      Message for all from ARF

Be kind to animals, birds and all other living beings and follow veganism—the emerging ideal of animal love.